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Trimble Adventure Planner

Trimble Adventure Planner - A Software Program That Helps Plan Trips

This is a personal computer PC based software program that allows user to plan a trip with one or multiple trips from Trimble Out doors. The software is offered by Trimble Outdoors a company that offers GPS enabled by cell phone applications. Trimble Outdoors borrowed from Trimble's 27 years in Global Positioning System (GPS) software and communications. Trimble is provides GPS on cell phone applications. Trimble's products are used in over 100 countries. It has participated in projects to Mt. Everest and also in NASA projects.

Users can plan trips, see what trips were made by others and adopt them or modify them to their taste, make notes about the trips, add pictures of the trip and share the trip with friends or family anywhere in the world.

The software programs are available in several versions some for the cell phone and some are only usable on the PC. The software programs that are available for subscription to a cell phone are GuideWorxs GPS for on and off road with turn by turn directions. It comes with downloadable maps and GPS enable content. Trimble Outdoors Gold, Platinum and Platinum Unbundled, as well as AllSport GPS is also available on subscription to cell phones. They are good for outdoor activities planning and fitness training respectively. Geocache Navigator is also cell phone based and is good for geocaching; an outdoor treasure hunting game where players use a GPS receiver to hide and seek containers or 'caches' anywhere in the world. A cache is usually a container with contents of little monetary value (like CDs, books, or small toys) buttons and may contain a log book. There are thousands of caches hidden around the world in 222 countries.

Trimble Outdoors Silver is a standalone software program for the cell phone and is useful for outdoors GPS navigation.

Trimble Adventure Planner is a PC based software program that is useful for outdoor trip planning, mapping and for making trip journals and sharing them. It can be purchased on its own.

Trimble Outdoors GPS Phone Package comes with a prepaid phone and come with these software programs Trimble Outdoors, AllSport GPS, GeoCache Navigator for unlimited use.

Finally you can document your trip for others to watch or read as Trimble Adventure Planner also offers a GPS enabled multimedia online library of trips. Users can share video, audio, pictures, and learn about routes taken by others. It is free to view content but downloading content requires subscription to one of these software programs GuideWorx, Trimble Outdoors Gold or Platinum or Trimble Adventure Planner.

A number of cell phone companies support the Trimble trip planner software including Nextel, Sprint, SouthernLinc, Boost and Mobile.

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