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TerraServer Offers Subscribers Access To Professional Aerial Photos

TerraServer is known as the principal supplier and producer of aerial photo images and it was started in Raleigh, North Caroline, in 1997. The original objective in the establishment of this company was to uncover or get a hold of the business market for satellite images and aerial photography. The founders understood the technology in producing these images and they were skilled in doing so, but they also recognized that the images could be beneficial for common people and the endeavored to create a market for making the photos available for the public.

After coming into existence, it created a relationship with a Russian company called SOVINFORMSPUTNIK and was able to benefit from the use of their advanced satellite imaging technology. The result of this partnership was that the aerial photos produced by TerraServer were professional, highly developed, and superior to most others. They originally photographed certain areas including the Nellis Air Force Base and Groom Lake, and in 2000 made them freely available to the public.

Over time and with the advancement and improvement of technology and tools used for aerial photography, TerraServer continues to develop and increase its images by joining into relationships with prominent companies in the industry that provide these photographs. And the positive outcome of these relationships is that TerraServer offers the most extensive and the highest-quality collection of satellite images and aerial photos available anywhere in the world.

People who are interested in either looking at or purchasing these aerial photos can access them through the company's website. All the images are available online and can be searched for and then purchased by either having them printed onto paper or download onto one's own computer. Before one buys the images, they have special markings to denote that they belong to the company but after making a purchase, the photos obviously have no water marks and they have a very clear photographic resolution.

People can subscribe to the website and then have access to many of the photographs that can be viewed in a larger size once one becomes a paying member. The aerial photographs come with certain information including the address, parks and recreation close by, airports, flood zones, hospitals, zones prone to landslides and areas prone to earthquakes. The images can be printed by members and any aerial view can then be transferred onto a hard copy.

In addition, a feature that was previously available only to professionals of aerial photography and satellite images can be utilized by subscribers to TerraServer. This tool is measuring and drawing, and the tools are available for people to measure area and distance on the image, using whichever unit of measurement they choose. This offers a lot of information for the customer and provides a level of depth to the photograph because they can understand the scale of the image.

Aerial Maps